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McGill therapy based in Newark offers a private psychotherapy and counselling service from fully qualified and BACP registered psychotherapist - Chris McGill.

I am warm, friendly and interested in who you are and how we can work together to help you fully understand the psychological obstacles that prevent you from leading the life you desire.

Whether you need help with anger management, low/depressed mood, patterns of unhelpful behaviours, heightened levels of anxiety or developing and maintaining healthier relationships, psychotherapy is a great investments you can make in yourself. 

We will look at what you need right now and develop and practise strategies to make life feel easier and more satisfying for you. I believe we all have a story to tell. Through looking at the present and possible recurring patterns within this story and understanding your actions and those of the other main characters, I hope to help you understand yourself and your life more clearly.

It is my aim to create a compassionate, relaxed and confidential space where you feel truly listened to and heard. In this space we can explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you are struggling with in order to create change. When you feel ready you can practise new ways of being with me in the therapy space that are more authentic to you which I hope you can then take into the rest of your life and relationships to make life more satisfying.  

In 2020, I qualified with a Postgraduate Diploma (Level 7) in Integrative Psychotherapy from the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute - accredited by Staffordshire University. I have been offering psychotherapy sessions since 2019 in a variety of settings: Lincolnshire Trust House (a sexual abuse charity), Nottinghamshire Mind and also for Nottingham Trent University. For the last two years I have worked as a Resilience & Stabilisation Coach for Nottinghamshire Mind in partnership with the local NHS Mental Health Team. This work is very varied and requires a flexible approach due to the differing diagnoses, demographics and needs of my client. This role and other Psychotherapist roles have left me feeling well equipped in helping a wide array of people experiencing mental health difficulties. 


Please feel free to call (Tues-Fri 9am - 4pm), email or fill the contact form in. If I do not answer the phone then I am most probably with a client. Please text or leave an answer machine message and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

52 Stodman Street, Newark, Notts, England, UK


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