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Prior to booking an initial assessment session, contact can be kept to email if preferred. If potential clients prefer then I can call for a 10-15 minute phone call for which there is no charge. 

Once a booking has been made then an initial assessment form is emailed out which along with standard questions, e.g. contact details etc, also has three open ended questions being: What prompted you to contact a counsellor? What changes in life circumstances / self do you want? Is there any other information you wish to tell me about? This is emailed back prior to the initial session.

Our first session is an assessment session which provides an opportunity for you to discuss further why you have sought out therapy and for us to establish what you hope to get from the sessions. It is also the time where I will ask questions to build a picture of your life in terms of: sleep, eating habits, coping mechanisms, family, support, work/study, hobbies. If at the end of the session, we both feel that we can work together then I usually suggest we start with six sessions. There is no set period of time for therapy and I regularly review our sessions to make sure you are getting what you feel you need. 

Unsure about anything? 


Please feel free to email me with any initial questions you feel you may have prior to the initial assessment session. 


Individual Psychotherapy Sessions - £50.00 (50 mins)

Relationship Counselling Sessions (Couples / Family / Friendships - Max 2 people) - £60.00 (1hr) 

Individual Life Coaching Sessions - £50.00 (50 mins)

I am able to offer online sessions through Microsoft Teams - the fee for this service is the same as a face to face session. 

All sessions are booked through the online booking system and paid for in person at the appointment itself or if online the prior to the session. 

If you are unable to attend a session without giving 48 hours’ notice please be aware that the full session fee is charged. 

There is a 20% discount to any client in full time education or to anyone studying to become a Counsellor or Psychotherapist.

I always offer one slot each week at 50% off for those on ESA or PIP support payments (proof is always needed of ESA or PIP Awards to qualify for this service). 

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