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Therapeutic Coaching

Similarly to psychotherapy, the aim of coaching is to make change happen, but this can be part of a process that begins with working out what patterns, beliefs or relationship dynamics may be holding you from reaching your full potential.


Sessions may also be more structured than regular therapy and directional or interactive. In my coaching work, I use the GROW model which follows a structured process that guides both the coach and client through each stage of the conversation. The GROW model emphasizes setting clear and specific goals, assessing the current reality, exploring various options, and using will to commit to a course of action. However, as an Integrative therapist I will often weave other models into the work if I think the language or concepts may be more beneficial to the client and/or more linked to the defined goal.

Former clients have often sought out this service as they may want to develop in certain areas such as:

  • performance at work

  • reduce stress levels

  • work on being assertive

  • imposter syndrome

Ultimately, therapeutic coaching is about self-empowerment through self-awareness, self-management and increased self agency. It is a collaborative process with client and coach as equals and explicitly draws on innate strengths and resources. While counselling is reparative in nature, coaching has a more developmental focus. 

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